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Less and More in 2017

Here's a breakdown of what I would like to see more of and less of in my life in 2017.

If you want to grab the worksheet that I created to organize my thoughts on this, head over here.

I think taking the time to do this exercise throughout the year helps bring us back to what truly matters.




Less Screen, Time More Books

When the iPhone first came out, I was one of those people who swore they would never get one, never need one and sure as shit never check my Facebook on one. Fast forward about 10 years, and I spend way more time on my phone than I’d like to admit. Sadly, I often do it mindlessly. In line at the grocery store, in between commercial breaks, at awkward times where I don’t really have anyone to talk to, and throughout my work day as a means of procrastination.

I would like to spend way less time with my eyes on a screen and way more time with my eyes on some good books. I am the queen of buying amazing books and never finishing them, but I am going to make a conscious effort to change that.

Less Hustle, More Planning

I am a creative. And planning is not always my natural tendency. I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years, and I’ve seen what well laid plans can do for my life and business. This year I have spent a lot of time analyzing my business, setting goals and working backgrounds to create a plan to get me to those goals.

I don’t want to hustle. I don’t want to work 15 hour days. I want create a big impact with thoughtful actions and have a plan for what I need to accomplish each day.

Less Multi-Tasking, Move Focus

Multi-tasking doesn’t work. I always think it does, but then I end up with 5 half-assed tasks, a bunch of grammatical errors and an email I swear I sent but never actually hit the send button.

I am going to commit to closing browsers that I don’t need open, keeping my phone out of arm's reach while I work, and giving tasks my complete attention.

Less Stuff, More Adventures

I like to shop. I really really do. I love cool things, cute clothes, pens, stationery, home decor and shoes. I don’t really think there is anything wrong with that. What I do have a problem with is mindlessly buying things. Buying things my heart doesn’t really want, things I will wear once and never again, things that take up space but do not provide joy or value.

I want to spend less money on things I don’t care about and more time doing things I that are important to me. Yoga, hiking, CrossFit, travel, nights out with friends, special moments with family. Because that’s what life's all about. Moments. Not things.

Less Criticism, More Kindness

Criticism is ugly, ruthless and relentless. When I stop and think about it, I criticize myself all day long. I tell myself my ideas aren’t good, my lettering is sloppy, my hair looks like a hot mess, and my house is a disaster. I tell myself I should be stronger, smaller, more talented, less disorganized. I don’t cut myself any slack. And the less satisfied I get with myself, the more I hear myself criticizing others.

I want to be kinder to myself and others. We are all having a human experience. This experience isn’t always easy, but I really believe we are all doing the best we can. A little kindness can go a long way.

Less Comparison, More Creation

In the age of social media, it is almost impossible to not see someone else doing the thing that you want to do. Blogging, calligraphy, knitting, business coaching, fitness, design. You search any of these terms and you will find thousands of other people killing it in these areas. This should be a positive thing. What an amazing world that we live in that there are so many people pursuing their passions and using their unique talents.

Sometimes I don’t take this as a positive thing. Sometimes I am left paralyzed by comparison. Paralyzed by the thought that there are hundreds of people doing what I want to do better than I will ever do it.

The only way to move past this paralysis is to create. Shut down Instagram and create. The beauty of being a human being is that we are all entirely unique. As long I keep creating what is true in my heart, I will create original and beautiful things and I hope you will too.

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