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Choose Your Karma

Lets talk about karma.

Karma is simply the sum of our actions, and that summation of actions affects our future experiences. Our karma is ever-changing because we are always taking new action. As our karma changes and evolves, so does our future.

Simply put: karma equals action.

Some people interpret karma as “what goes around comes around”, and view it like a cause and effect relationship. For example, you cut me off in the parking lot today, and in the future someone is going to fly past you on the freeway while flipping you the bird. Or, you hold the door open for a tired mother with her hands full, and someone will do the same for you on a day that you are struggling with too many bags of groceries.

Karma isn’t exactly that cut and dry.

Karma is deeper, more auspicious, more balanced. Karma is an evolution, a progression, a build up of actions over time. Karma is two steps forward, one step back. Karma is trying something, failing and trying again. Karma is saying the wrong thing to a loved one and having the courage to apologize and make amends. Karma is everyday action, day in and day out.

I'm sure at some point in your life you have heard someone utter  “karma’s a bitch” under their breath after someone does them dirty. This phrase is filled will ill intent and loaded with negative energy. I encourage you to lose the “they’ll get theirs” attitude and adopt the “I control mine” outlook. No more “karma’s a bitch” and more of “karma is my homeboy”.

You control your karma, which means you control your own actions. You can’t control the jackasses, so stop wasting your energy, and please don’t sit around waiting for them to fall face-down into a pile of mud before you feel like the universe is working in your favor.

At the end of the day we are all just people taking small daily actions. The important thing to remember in all of this is that we have a choice. These choices add up over time and determine our lives.
So choose joy, choose love, choose understanding and peace. Choose to be the optimist, the leader, the team player, the helping hand. Choose to be the person you needed once when you were down. Choose to be the one lifting others up instead of the one knocking everyone down.

Choose your karma and choose it well.

Much love,


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We are super excited to be participating in The Wild Unknown's Good Karma Sale during Black Friday weekend! The Wild Unknown created the Good Karma Sale last year to "help business owners consciously redefine their relationship to the holidays".

A large number of business have come together to donate a portion of their profits from Black Friday weekend to a non-profit organization of their choice! We are choosing to donate 10% of our profits over the holiday weekend to Yoga Gangsters, an amazing organization whose mission is to empower youth affected by trauma through the practice of yoga.

Click here to find more companies participating in the #goodkarmasale!

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