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You Are Fucking Amazing

  You with the full-time job and a side-hustle trying to pursue what really sets you on fire. You with the three kids, a messy house, baskets full of laundry and hair that’s been dirty for three days. You with the weight you think you need to lose, the yoga pants that haven’t been touched in months and a Pinterest board full of diets you want to try. You with the big idea you’re afraid to share with the world, the pages full of sketches, notes, and plans, and the sticky notes on your mirror to inspire you to make...

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10 Things That Get Me Through The Work Day

Working from home has a ton of perks, but it can also get lonely. Some days it's just hard to find motivation to get shit done. Here are 10 things that keep me sane, happy, productive and get me through each day. 1. Cute Coffee Mugs 2. Bananas and Peanut Butter 3. Podcasts I am constantly listening to podcasts while I work. I love learning new information and since I am all alone while I work, hearing good conversation keeps me happy and helps me to feel less alone. Here are a few of my favorites right now: Girls Gone...

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Start Lettering. Like Right Now.

Starting Out Hand Lettering When I decided I wanted to start hand lettering, I spent way too much money on fancy tools, papers, and accessories that I thought would make me better, more talented and allow me to skip steps in the learning process. I was wrong. The truth is, as with anything new thing you want to learn, it takes work. And it is not always easy or fun. I naturally have very terrible hand-writing. It has always been sort of a sore spot for me. On the other hand, I have always been an artist and can draw you...

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At The Moment

Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you on repeat. Lemon Water. And La Croix. I can’t stop. Chobani yogurt. All the flavors. Yoga. Crossfit. Naps. 4 months along and the babe is growing! Designing shirts, mugs and prints. Working on growing the wholesale side of my business. Snow melting and warm sunny days make me so happy. Slippers all day, every day. Almost done reading Jodi Picoult’s “Small Great Things”. It’s amazing. Heartbreaking and very eye opening. Kindness. So much and kindness. The world needs it more than ever. Much love, Steph

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Procrastination and Self-Doubt

Raise your hand if you’ve ever procrastinated. I know that I have. With work, difficult phone calls, Christmas shopping, house cleaning, etc. You name the task and I will find a variety of ways to avoid it. I used to think I procrastinated because I was disorganized. If I had everything written down on a beautiful notepad I would get shit done right away. I do think having systems in place helps to keep us focused, but I don’t think those systems prevent procrastination. What I’ve discovered is that procrastination is directly related to self-doubt. If I doubt that I...

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